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TMJ Disorders

Neck Pain

1. Lack of mobility / stiffness

2. Tired sore muscles

3. Shoulder aches and backaches

Head Pain, Headache

1. Forehead

2. Temples

3. Migraines

4. Sinus pain

5. Shooting pain up back of head

6. Hairline / Scalp pain


1. Pain behind eyes

2. Bloodshot eyes

3. Sensitive to sunlight


1. Discomfort

2. Limited opening of mouth

3. Inability to open jaw smoothly

4. Jaw deviates to one side when opening

5. Jaw locks open or closed

6. Bite is off alignment


1. Clenching, grinding at night

2. Looseness or soreness at back of teeth

Ear Problems

1. Ear aches or pain with no infection

2. Clogged / itchy ears

3. Vertigo / dizziness

4. Decreased hearing

Jaw Problems

1. Clicking, popping jaw joints

2. Grating sounds

3. Pain in cheek muscles

4. Uncontrollable jaw and/or tongue movements

Throat pain

1. Swallowing difficulties

2. Sore throat with no infection

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon specialises in anatomy of the mouth, teeth and jaws, making them an effective person to diagnose subsequent problems.


Diagnosing TMJ pain and disorders can be a complicated process that will require investigations including imaging of the jaw, and sometimes an integrated medical approach with other specialists.

Some form of treatments include anti-inflammatory medications for pain and muscle relaxation, physical therapy, splint therapy or surgery. 

Dr de Looze regularly performs surgeries for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders including total joint replacement surgery 

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